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     Tianna had a very nice butthole, it was tight and swallowed cock nicely, but it was also deep and made for a perfect make-shift martini glass. We made a special man-made-martini called cumgootini and kat was happy to gulp anal creampie all down.
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   On the street Dries runs into two chicks. He has to go into town and asks them for directions. The girls are pretty bold and let themselves be challenged by him. They tell him they have been unfaithful only once. Do you feel like doing something even more naughty? At 300 Euro Dries pumps is sperm in the asshole (anal creampie) of one of them and has her girlfriend suck it out again. Anal Creampies are really horny!
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   Cassidy Blue is a tall hot blonde who loves to get fucked in the ass. Her smooth tan skin, long shaped legs, and clean tight ass just begged to get anal creampies. I wasted no time eating out her wet cunt and sucking on her hardened clit, and then I wasted no time getting my rocks off. I slipped my thick black cock in her warm ass and pounded away until I exploded a quart of anal creampie into her ass.
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   Two hot bitches play with each others tits and pussy then take turns riding this big hard cock. Outperforming each other is their goal and the winner gets a teen creampies in her tight asshole!
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